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Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access, a company owned by Kape Technologies, was established in 2010 and has been a prominent provider of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) since then. It is one of the most established and reliable VPN providers in the market, boasting one of the largest individual server counts in the industry (more than 10,000) and a well-established zero logging policy. In terms of privacy, security, and tracker blocking, Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best VPNs available. Although it does not offer the highest speeds, it does come with a number of unique features and robust tools – including the ability to access popular television streaming services. All in all, Private Internet Access is a highly effective and secure VPN.

  • Zero logging verified
  • Unrestricted torrenting permitted
  • Reliable kill switch available
  • Highly configurable VPN
  • Unlimited number of concurrent connections
  • Excellent tool for unblocking content
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • WireGuard results for mid-pack speed
  • Apps can be a real nerve wracking experience
  • Apps don’t get updated very often

Prominent Features Of PIA VPN

The following are some of the many crucial features of PIA.

  • Price: PIA’s VPN subscription plan is available for 6 months or 2 years. The 6-month plan costs $7.25 per month, while the 2-year version costs $56 per month with an additional 2 months. PIA frequently offers deals all year round. PIA also offers a dedicated PI service, which costs an extra $5 per month. That’s a bit cheaper than other VPN providers. Unlike other VPN providers, PIA doesn’t offer a free VPN trial. Instead, you’ll have to wait 30 days to get your money back. PIA also supports a variety of payment methods.
  • Privacy: Private Internet Access is a VPN with security features. It is open source and can be reviewed by users. The default encryption is AES-128 but users can also manually increase it. Private Internet Access also uses their own DNS servers which reduces the risk of a DNS data leak. Deloitte is a reputable management consulting company that has audited Private Internet Access. Deloitte audited PIA’s privacy claims and found no reason to question their claims of no logging policy during their audits of their VPN services. Private Internet Access is also supported by the Chrome VPN extension which provides additional privacy features like blocking ads, tracking, and third party cookies. PIA’s website claims that it is a zero logging service. However, PIA has been sued twice in court with no evidence to support this claim. Overall, Private Internet Access offers excellent privacy and there are few issues to choose from. The open-source policies are half-hearted and only slightly modify the code.
  • Speed: PIA’s connections are fast, especially with OpenVPN. PIA’s average connection time using WireGuard was 2 seconds, and using OpenVPN was 2.5. We tested on systems in our UK data center, as well as in our US location. WireGuard’s average speed was around 360 Mbps. That’s faster than most home Wi-Fi, and it didn’t interfere with HD streaming either. OpenVPN’s average was 310Mbps, almost twice as fast.
  • Streaming: Private Internet Access (Private Internet Access) is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that provides users with the ability to circumvent geo-blocking websites, including television streaming websites. PIA has been recognized as one of the top Netflix VPNs in the world and is capable of unblocking BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime, as well as Disney Plus. Additionally, PIA is now able to unblock Australian service, 10 Play, thus making it an acceptable streaming VPN.
  • Torrenting: Private Internet Access is a great torrenting VPN that helps protect your data from being intercepted or traced back to your device. It supports more than one server and lets you use any location to torrent without any limitations. It also has a port forwarding feature that lets you get in and out of NAT firewalls quickly, which helps speed up your downloads. Unfortunately, PIA doesn’t have any website support, so you’re on your own. Still, PIA is really good at torrenting and it has more dedicated p2p tools than other VPNs out there, so it’s a good choice for experts.
  • Desktop Apps: Private Internet Access is a Linux VPN with lots of configuration options and a user-friendly GUI. You can install it on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and it comes with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can now connect unlimited devices to PIA at the same time. Installation is super easy, with download pages that give you all the info you need, including changelogs, OpenVPN configuration files, and more. You can connect as many as 10 devices to PIA’s VPN at once. The settings are all configurable, with OpenVPN and UDP over TCP options, custom ports, encryption levels, and a server list. Plus, the desktop client has a kill switch so you don’t have to worry about losing internet access if it disconnects. You can also administer the VPN with the command-line client ‘piactl’. The options might be a bit overwhelming for newbies or users, but most of it is pretty easy to use, especially when you’re using mobile apps.
  • Mobile Apps: PIA provides mobile VPN applications for both iPhone and Android, featuring features such as an automatic kill switch, wireguard and openVPN connection options, as well as custom ports. The mobile versions of the VPN applications are similar to the desktop versions, allowing users to use them on multiple devices with ease. The Android VPN application has a user-friendly interface with a white space, a large On/Off button and various icons. Additionally, the iPhone VPN application has a sleek interface, an easy-to-use location picker, a Favorites system, and a Network Management tile. Siri shortcuts are also available, as well as split tunneling for increased speed and data savings. While the iOS application is tidier, it offers a more user-friendly interface. PIA’s mobile apps are the highlights of the provider’s suite of software, and are a worthwhile investment for those who prefer mobile-first experiences.
  • Customer Support: Private Internet Access provides its clients with a range of support services, including a comprehensive web knowledge base to facilitate rapid resolution of account and technical queries. Clients can also submit support tickets or utilize the live chat feature. While PIA’s support services may not be as comprehensive as those of other VPN providers, its support team is highly knowledgeable and provides actionable advice.

Private Internet Access is a VPN that focuses on privacy. It has many configuration options for experts and beginners alike. PIA offers good connection speeds and great streaming support. It is also one of the most affordable VPN providers. You can get an unbeatable two-year subscription for this price.

PIA is a great VPN for Linux users. If you are looking for proof of the no logs policy, then PIA is the right VPN for you. But if you are looking for a VPN server in every state of the United States, then PIA may not be the right choice for you. It may not be right for you if you prioritize connection speed or you are looking for simplicity because of its ‘expert’ nature.

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