Private Internet Access Vs ExpressVPN: Which Is A Good Investment?


Private Internet Access Vs ExpressVPN Which Is A Good Investment

For those seeking a VPN service with lightning-fast connections, extensive server coverage across the globe, and first-rate customer support, ExpressVPN is a great bet.

The provider’s worldwide support for securing file-sharing connections is sure to be a hit with BitTorrent users. Even though the provider is more costly than competing options, the excellent service provides a solid return on investment.

Users seeking a low-cost provider offering top-notch privacy protections and lightning-fast connections will find Private Internet Access (PIA) to be an attractive option. All of PIA’s servers also support BitTorrent. But when pitted against their direct rival, their worldwide server coverage falls short.

How To Understand Which Is A Better Investment With Respect To Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN?

Following points can be considered to understand which is the better investment corresponding to Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN:

Speed of Connection

When looking for a VPN service and thePrivate Internet Access vs ExpressVPNpresent, connection speed is a major factor. A fast connection is useful in today’s always-online world. If you’re looking for a reliable service, make sure they offer an encrypted connection that closely resembles the one your Internet service provider (ISP) provides.

Average Connection Speeds

Here we will explore the connection speed ofPrivate Internet Access vs ExpressVPN. Secure connections from Private Internet Access were significantly quicker than those from budget VPNs. With an average download speed of 84.18 Mbps, PIA more than meets the demands of online gaming and efficient BitTorrent file sharing.

Fast connection speeds are something that ExpressVPN excels at even more than its competitors.

Thanks to ExpressVPN’s great worldwide server coverage and average download speeds of 106.78 Mbps, users from all over the globe can enjoy fast and reliable access to their favorite streaming services.

Hopefully, you can understand theprivate internet access vs expressvpn speed.


When it comes to the category of pricing,expressvpn vs private internet accesscouldn’t be more different from one another. Private Internet Access offers great value for the money and is among the most affordable VPN providers you’ve ever used.

A small cup of your favourite coffee beverage is less expensive than the provider’s average monthly price, and the large version is roughly the same price as well. ExpressVPN’s prices are among the highest in the VPN industry, making it more of a premium provider.


Any time you’re looking for anExpressVPN vs PIA, make sure they’re based in a country that values user privacy. Not only that, but they take Bitcoin and other anonymous payment options without keeping any kind of user activity logs.

In the British Virgin Islands (BVI), where ExpressVPN is based, no data retention regulations are in place.

The service provider makes complete use of this by not maintaining any kind of user record. Since ExpressVPN does not keep any user data on file, they would be unable to comply with a record disclosure order from the BVI High Court.

Despite being based in the notoriously privacy-invading US, Private Internet Access does not record its customers’ online activities. Therefore, there would be no logs to turn over, regardless of whether content providers or law enforcement wanted them.


When looking into VPNs, it’s best not to focus on just one factor, like cost, connection speed, or worldwide server coverage. Instead, think carefully about each feature before making a final decision.

Here you will learn about the features ofPrivate Internet Access vs ExpressVPN:

Concurrent Linkages

One measure of a VPN service’s quality is the number of devices that can connect to their servers in parallel. An increased figure is preferable.

If you run a small business or are the head of a large family and could need a VPN connection for multiple users at once, this number is crucial to keep in mind. Private Internet Access increased its previous limit of 5 users online at once to 10 users.

Support for BitTorrent

Of all the things people do on the internet these days, BitTorrent and peer-to-peer file sharing are among the most common. Still, many people feel strongly about it.

Legality, illegality, or social disapproval hinges on your location and the nature of the files you’re sharing. Even though legitimate businesses and individuals use P2P technology, many internet service providers have begun to restrict access to their networks for this purpose.

But what an ISP can’t see, it can’t block. To hide your BitTorrenting activities from authorities, including your ISP, law enforcement, and content providers, a virtual private network (VPN) is a great tool to use.

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are BitTorrent-friendly. The service goes so far as to provide a helpful how-to guide on its website, outlining exactly how its service safeguards your file-sharing sessions.

Torrenting is also possible on all of Private Internet Access’s servers, and the service, like ExpressVPN, does not record your online activity for any reason.

How Connecting To Right Server Coverage Based On ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access For Torrenting Can Help?

Following information can guide you to connect to right server coverage based on ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access:

Global Server Coverage

Make sure to check the VPN’s server coverage around the world before signing up. You have more options for unblocking content when there are many servers spread out around the world. With ExpressVPN, you get access to more than 3,000 servers located in 94 different countries.

Multi-Platform Support

These days, it seems like almost every electronic device you come across has some sort of internet connection. As a result, when looking for a VPN service, it’s crucial to consider how many devices it supports.

With apps available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, Private Internet Access covers all the major desktop and mobile platforms. On top of that, they offer add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, as well as assistance for certain routers.

Get ExpressVPN on your Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Nook, or Amazon Fire device with their app support. Also included are browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, a dedicated app for certain routers, and detailed instructions for configuring the most common models.


Even though both services provide great privacy features and allow you to access geo-blocked content, only one can claim to be the best in a head-to-head comparison. When comparing these two services side by side, ExpressVPN comes out on top.

When comparing prices and the maximum number of concurrent connections, Private Internet Access came out on top. Utilise the service whenever you can, regardless of the VPN provider you choose from Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN. You should take every precaution to safeguard your internet connection and personal information because the internet is a dangerous place.

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