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NordVPN has some of the best features out there when it comes to VPNs. It’s super fast, has great online security, and can stream and torrent. Plus, it has a special tunneling protocol called NordLynx that makes it super fast. It also uses advanced encryption and has an independently audited no logs policy so you can be totally anonymous.

  • RAM-only server infrastructure
  • Tested as fastest VPN
  • Eliminates Internet Service Providers (ISPs) bandwidth throttling
  • Meshnet feature incorporated for remote device access
  • Intuitive apps compatible with most devices
  • Secure, independently verified security features
  • Geo-restricted streaming websites unblocked
  • Torrenting safe VPN
  • Fast customer assistance and available 24/7
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Availability of 7 day free trial
  • Linux client devoid of a graphical interface
  • Unavailability of unlimited free plan
  • Limited number of connections at once

Important NordVPN Features

The following are some of the most striking features of NordVPN.

  1. Colocated Servers: VPN service providers often rent servers, managing them with custom software, leaving control to third-party owners. NordVPN, following a 2018 data breach, converted most servers into fully managed networks, reducing external data breaches. Data is stored in RAM, ensuring no permanent data is saved.
  2. Kill Switch: NordVPN offers two kill switches: a system-wide kill switch and an app kill switch. The Internet Kill Switch disables all internet access if the VPN server detects you’re not connected, while the App Kill Switch only affects specific apps. The system-wide kill switch is enabled by default on iOS and macOS apps, while Windows and macOS allow per-app configuration. Linux and Android only enable system-wide kill switches. While feature handling could be more homogeneous, NordVPN provides a functional system-wide kill switch on all platforms.
  3. Threat Protection: NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature protects users from malicious websites, online ads, trackers, and dangerous files. It works on all NordVPN applications and can be activated as a standalone app on Android or iOS devices, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers. Threat Protection works in the background, requiring a VPN server connection, but Lite users need to activate the VPN. The browser version does not scan files for malware or viruses.
  4. Meshnet: Meshnet is a VPN that enables secure P2P connections between devices, allowing access to remote files and virtual LAN parties. It supports unlimited file sharing, allowing up to 1000 files at once. Meshnet also allows traffic routing through different devices, allowing users to browse the internet using the other machine’s IP address. It supports up to 60 devices and is free for Nord account users.

Other Important Features

  • SmartPlay: The feature bypasses streaming media blocks, allowing seamless access to media from any location, automatically triggered when using NordVPN to access streaming sites like Netflix.
  • Specialty Servers: For specific cases like streaming or torrenting, VPNs like Obfuscated and Onion over VPN offer specialized servers for optimal performance.
  • Dedicated IP Servers: NordVPN offers a dedicated IP for users, ensuring their IP remains unique and dedicated to them, making it a useful option for those not concerned about anonymity.
  • Double VPN Servers: Multi-hop servers ensure maximum privacy by passing data through two servers to reach the intended destination.
  • Obfuscated Servers: These servers, useful only in extreme censorship cases, scramble VPN traffic to resemble regular HTTPS.
  • P2P Servers: These files are designed for P2P traffic and are optimally utilized for torrent downloads, but can be used for any type of P2P traffic.
  • Onion Over VPN Servers: The servers merge the Tor network with the VPN, forming a VPN-Tor connection. Your traffic passes through the VPN server and at least three Tor nodes.
  • Split Tunneling: The NordVPN split tunneling feature allows users to select which apps to use the VPN connection for and which can connect without it.
  • Pausing And Auto-connect: VPN auto-connect saves time but keeps you connected to a VPN, requiring you to turn it off to access apps that require a VPN.
  • Presets: Custom VPN settings can be created and accessed directly from the app’s main screen, allowing users to customize their VPN experience to their infinity.
  • Incogni: Incogni is a privacy protection service by Nord Security that targets data brokers and removes all user data upon request.

NordVPN is one of the most advanced Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in terms of performance, functionality and security. It provides independent audits, strong AES-256 encryption and NordLynx protocol, making it an ideal choice for streaming Netflix and providing dependable internet access in restricted online environments. It is recommended for users of Windows, Android and Apple operating systems and offers a broad range of VPN features.

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